10 Borrowed Tips To Build Your Brand

25 Oct

I was recently reading 90 Tiny Tips to Build Your Personal Brand  and I thought it would be great to share with you all some of the things I found most useful.

I noticed a recurring theme of uniqueness and being your self. Personal branding is about showing the world who you are. It is important to be original and really showcase what makes you stand out.

When branding yourself you build an image that you want others to perceive you as. If you are the brand you control what should and should not be showcased. This image must be inline with what who are, what you do and what your target audience wants. Its important to balance those three things in order to achieve success with personal branding.

Here are some the tips I favored:

Consider what makes you different

When determining your niche, you should think about what makes you different from other brands out there.

Think about how others identify you

Take a look at your brand attributes and confirm that your brand matches what others would say about you.

Identify your core values

Share what really matters to you in order to identify what your core values are.

Live what you say

Have a trustworthy, transparent, and educated voice to build your credibility.

Believe in your brand

Commit to and invest in the ideas that support your brand.

Cultivate a personal style

Select clothing that represents you and makes you stand out from the crowd in an attractive way.

Show your confidence

Don’t be arrogant, but be sure to project confidence so that others will be comfortable with you.

Stay on top of trends

Educate yourself and stay on top of newly emerging trends in your industry.

Keep your personal and company brand separate

Establish yourself as a person, rather than a company, so that you don’t limit the power of your personal brand. This is especially helpful if you may not be with the company forever.

Be a leader

Lead by helping people, and use leadership to grow your influence.

Although, it was a difficult to choose I think these really echoed what the author was trying to get across. When building your brand remember your public so put forth your best self and really be the brand.

What are some branding tips you’d like to share?


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